Texas Roadhouse menu prices for entrees at the restaurant can be as low as $9.49.  Information about Texas Roadhouse menu prices is available at the local restaurant or online.  At the physical locations of the restaurant, Texas Roadhouse staff who are fondly referred to as roadies will be happy to provide customers with a list of menu items plus prices.  Alternatively, customers may view menu prices online at the restaurant’s website.  There is an interactive menu which provides information about starters, salads, hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, combos, specials and country dinners.  There are also legendary sides, burgers, sandwiches, kid’s meals, desserts and other favorites.

Apart from browsing the restaurant’s website for menu prices, visitors may also download and print out the menu.  Starters include menu options like cactus blossom, rattlesnake bites, tater skins, grilled shrimp, tater skins, cheese fries and Texas red chili.  These starters may be ordered for as low as $2.99.  Salads are also available on the menu and can be served with the restaurant’s signature made-from-scratch dressings.  Dressings include bleu cheese, Italian, low fat ranch, honey mustard, thousand island and regular ranch dressings.  Salads on the menu may be priced at under $10 but could also be somewhat more expensive.

Burgers are usually a half pound fresh ground chuck that is served with steak fries.  Customers may add a sauce to their burger at no extra charge.  These could be zesty or sweet sauces.  Texas Roadhouse menu prices for burgers are typically under $10.  Similarly, sandwiches such as pulled port, BBQ chicken and mushroom Jack chicken can also be ordered for less than $10.  Kid’s meals from the kid’s menu can be purchased for less than $5.  However, there are also meal options for kids that are over $5 such as the Ranger Rib Basket which is typically priced at $7.99.

With a wide range of menu options, there is a lot to satisfy expectant customers.  There are extras or side dishes that could also be ordered for as little as $2.29 such as green beans, sautéed mushrooms, apple sauce, a cup of chili, sweet potato, baked potato, steak potato, buttered corn, fresh vegetables and seasoned rice.  Depending on the size of the steak ordered, prices can range from $9.99 for a 6 oz piece of steak to under $20 for a 16 oz piece.  There are also different types of steaks available including Choice Sirloin, New York Strip, Ft, Worth Ribeye and Sirloin Kabob.  Good, comfortable country dinners are also available in a wide range of Texas Roadhouse menu prices including pulled pork dinners priced at under $10, single grilled pork chop dinners that can be purchased for an average price around $9.99 and double grilled pork chops that are priced at $13.99.

There are chicken specialties on the Texas Roadhouse menu like the grilled BBQ chicken marinated in made-from-scratch BBQ sauce and oven roasted chicken which features a half portion of chicken that is trimmed, seasoned and slowly roasted to perfection.  There can be some flexibility with Texas Roadhouse menu prices such as loading potatoes or adding sides based on preference.  Desserts like Granny’s apple classic, brownies and cheesecake may also be purchased for less than $6.

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